Astronaut took camera on spacewalk, but forgot SD memory card

Houston? What does ‘No SD’ mean? Is this thing even on?

By Simon Sharwood


An International Space Station astronaut took a GoPro camera for a space walk last week, but forgot to bring any memory.

“A question about the GoPro real quick,” asks astronaut Andrew Feustel in the video below. “I’m pushing the button I see a ‘no SD’. Do I need that to record? And if it is recording is there supposed to be a red light on?”

Mission control responds: “The GoPro. I’m told that if it has the card in it, it should have a red light if it is recording.”

“And if it says ‘No SD’ what does that mean?” Feustel replied.

“I think that means no card,” mission control replies. “I’ll check it though, hang on.”

Epic spacewalk, epic FAIL: Cosmonauts point new antenna in the wrong direction


“Let’s just forget about it for now, Feustel eventually said.

The spacewalk was otherwise a success, with NASA reporting its “thermal maintenance” mission succeeded.

“The two astronauts moved the Pump Flow Control Subassembly (PFCS) from a spare parts platform on the station’s truss to the Dextre robotic arm,” NASA’s report says. “The PFCS drives and controls the flow of ammonia through the exterior portions of the station’s cooling system. The team then removed and replaced a camera group and a degraded Space to Ground Transmitter Receiver Controller, and was also able to complete several get-ahead tasks.” ®

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