UK data watchdog's inaugural tech strategy was written with... *drumroll* Word 2010

So much for keeping up with the cutting edge, eh?

By Rebecca Hill


Staying up to date with the latest tech seems to be proving challenging for the UK's data protection watchdog.

In a bid to demonstrate it's aware of the fast pace of innovation and how this is changing the areas it regulates, the Information Commissioner's Office recently issued its first technology strategy.

The strategy states that "staying relevant in the context of ever changing technology must become a core component of the ICO's strategic goals" and much of it focuses on the importance of ensuring staff are well versed in new technologies.

However, the document and PDF were produced using tech that's almost a decade old. As one Reg reader pointed out, it was "written with Office 2010, which is neither current nor supported".

Mainstream support for Microsoft Office 2010 ended in 2014, although extended support has another two years to go before finally expiring.

The ICO is widely seen as cash-strapped – so much so the government has agreed to drop the public sector pay cap so it can recruit and retain skilled staff, while increasing organisations' registration fees, ahead of new data protection laws.

So it's perhaps unsurprising that it hasn't managed to find some loose change down the back of the sofa to fork out for an upgrade.

We asked the ICO what plans it has to make the leap to a more recent version of Office. A spokesperson told The Register: "Office 2010 is in extended support until October 13, 2020 as stated by Microsoft. Extended support includes security updates." ®

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