Train to become an expert cyber crime fighter

Get prep’d for certs to prove your worth

By David Gordon


Promo As cyber threats seem to multiply and mutate at ever-increasing speed, it becomes difficult to be sure you are able defend your organisation against an attack that could come from any direction.

Security training leader SANS is running a series of courses at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London from 16 to 21 April that promise to give IT professionals the immersion training they need to defend their systems against the cyber criminals.

SANS London will deliver a range of six-day courses covering the latest cyber security topics and preparing attendees for valuable GIAC certification.

Teaching by expert security practitioners will be backed by intensive hands-on sessions, and SANS makes a point of re-assuring students they will be able to use their new skills as soon as they return to work.

There’s a bunch of courses available here, including the following:

You can read more details about these courses and sign yourself up for some top grade training from SANS right here.

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