Intel gives Broadwells and Haswells their Meltdown medicine

Chipzilla and Oracle are working their way back through time to deliver fixes

By Simon Sharwood, APAC Editor

Posted in Security, 28th February 2018 01:58 GMT

Intel slipped out a new Microcode Update Guidance on Monday, revealing that lots of Haswell and Broadwell Xeons can now receive inoculations against the Meltdown and Spectre CPU design flaws.

The new document (PDF) says Broadwell processors with CPUIDs 50662, 50663, 50664, 40671, 406F1, 306D4 and 40671 are ready for their reaming.

Updates for Haswells numbered 306C3, 4066, 306F2, 40651 and 306C3 have also hit production.

The CPUs mentioned above include Xeon and Core silicon.

Broadwell debuted in 2014 and Haswell the year before, so these updates show Intel is working backwards through its catalog. The Update Guidance also lists 16 processor types for which Intel is still in the planning stage, meaning Intel has no schedule for delivering a fix. The affected CPUs are mostly oldies. A further 9 CPU types are listed as "Pre-beta", meaning microcode is being tested by partners under non-disclosure agreements.

Oracle's also visited its past in the pursuit of Meltown/Spectre patches: late last week it offered patches for version 5.x of its Linux. ®

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