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EE: Data goes TITSUP* for Brit mobile customers

Are we supposed to, like, read a book or something?

By Kat Hall


Updated EE customers have been hit by a nationwide data outage this morning, leaving grumbling UK commuters with nothing to mindlessly tap on their way to work.

According to Down Detector, problems began around 7am, with reports peaking at around around 9am.

Customers appear to be affected across the UK, including in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.

In an update, EE said: "Some customers are experiencing problems when trying to use data services this morning. We are aware of this, and are working to resolve this as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

However, some folk were less than impressed about the lack of updates from EE.

Updated to add

An EE spokesman said: "We've fixed a technical issue that affected mobile internet services for some of our customers this morning. All services are now being restored for our customers and should be back to normal soon. We'd like to thank our customers for their patience while we fixed this issue, and we apologise for any inconvenience."

* Total Inability To Scrutinise Useless Piffle (Please, don't even front that you're using the internet to read critical essays on Goethe and upload circuit design schematics. At best, *at best*, you're checking bus schedules.)

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