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Rubrik swallows Datos IO, shuffles in distributed DB backup

L-F-R-U-D-L-R-U-F: Welcome to the cube

By Chris Mellor


Extremely well-funded startup Rubrik has bought distributed database backer-up and fellow startup Datos IO.

Datos IO's semantic deduplication RecoverX technology has been applied to protecting big data file systems, such as Hadoop, cloud-native data sources and distributed NoSQL databases. It recently extended its technology cover to relational databases.

Amongst its customers are three of the top Fortune 15 companies and the world’s largest home improvement retailer, understood to be Home Depot. Many of its customers use it in the public cloud.

Rubrik now adds this capability to its existing relational database and structured data backup capabilities, significantly broadening its data protection coverage area.

Datos IO was founded in 2014 and has taken in a modest $15.25m in funding. NetApp and Cisco have put money into the company. Rubrik was also founded in 2014 and has taken in more than $292m in funding.

The two aren't saying what the acquisition cost or how it is being paid – in cash, shares or a mix of the two.

Bipul Sinha, Rubrik co-founder and CEO, provided a prepared quote: "As enterprises adopt NoSQL cloud databases to undertake digital transformation and AI initiatives, the need to manage and recover applications and data is becoming top of mind. We are excited to have Datos IO join the Rubrik family to accelerate innovation in how enterprises manage and recover this modern application stack.”

Tarun Thakur co-founded Datos IO and is its CEO. We popped open the provided can to retrieve this one: "Datos IO delivers critical backup and recovery capabilities for cloud-native applications and databases. Rubrik and Datos IO share a common vision of cloud data management and are committed to helping customers on their digital transformation journey.”

In September last year Sinha said the distributed database area was a tiny part of the market. If it grew to an interesting and significant size, then Rubrik would extend its offering to cover it.

Back then, Peter Smails, Datos IO VP for marketing and business development, responded, saying: "To say Datos IO is playing in a 'tiny' part of the market is simply incorrect. On the contrary, with the likes of Dell EMC, CommVault, and Veritas all investing and making noise in the space, it appears Rubrik is a laggard behind even the traditional vendors when it comes to data protection for non-relational and big data workloads. Look no further than Cloudera's IPO and MongoDB's recent IPO filing to see the market is most definitely here and now."

Evidently Rubrik took this on board and has extended its market coverage by buying Datos IO rather than developing its own technology.

Reg comment

Like Veeam, Rubrik is extending its data source coverage to a wider set of on-premises and in-cloud data sources. The thinking is that customers will be attracted to data protection, and data management, suppliers which can protect most of or all of their various on-premises data producing workloads, their public cloud ones and also hybrid workloads spanning the on-premises and public cloud worlds.

Cohesity, Commvault, Druva, Rubrik and Veeam – as the legacy Dell EMC and Veritas-type suppliers – are all striving to respond to this need. Rubrik's move may well stimulate activity by these other suppliers to extend their coverage universes.

Datos IO will continue to be led by Tarun Thakur as a new business unit, called Rubrik Datos IO, reporting to CEO Bipul Sinha. ®

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