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Dell soups up low-end Data Domain deduper

Refreshes SMB-sized deduping backup-to-disk box

By Chris Mellor


Down in the Dell there is a new Data Domain box – a smallish, entry-level one – the DD3300.

It is a 2U rackmount chassis with 3TB or 4TB SAS disk drives providing up to 32TB of usable capacity, said to be 1.6PB after deduplication (logical capacity) and data can be ingested at 7TB/hour using Data Domain Boost.

If a backend cloud tier is used, the usable capacity goes up to 96TB and the logical capacity shoots up to 4.8PB.

Here's a look at Dell's representation of its Data Domain range:

Small print hard to read? Embiggen the thing by clicking on it.

For comparison here's the range in more readable table form:

  DD Virtual Edition DD3300 DD6300 DD6800 DD9300 DD9800
Max Throughput (DD Boost) 16.9TB/hr 7TB 24TB/hr 32TB/hr 41TB/hr 68TB/hr
Usable Capacity 96TB 32TB 178TB 288TB 720TB 1PB
Usable Capacity + Cloud Tier n/a 96TB n/a 864TB 2.16PB 3PB
Logical Capacity 4.8PB 1.6PB 8.9PB 14.4PB 36PB 50PB
Logical Capacity + Cloud Tier n/a 4.8PB n/a 43.2PB 108PB 150PB

The DD3300 is for small and medium enterprises and remote/branch office locations in bigger businesses. The Cloud Tier backend can be Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), Virtustream Storage Cloud, AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud Object Storage and Ceph Object Storage.

The system supports Data Domain Cloud Disaster Recovery and Data Domain Replicator. Dell says its average data reduction rate is 10-55x.

We have a straightforward product refresh here and the starting US List price is $8,828.00 for 4TB of usable capacity. Grab tech specs here (PDF). ®

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