Morrisons launches bizarre Yorkshire Pudding pizza thing

Would you eat it? Tell us why and you could win some Reg merch

By Gareth Corfield


Giveaway Brit supermarket chain Morrisons has sacked 1,500 middle managers – but fear not, they’ve also vomited out an unholy creation that is part pizza, part Yorkshire pudding.

The 6½” thing is made by filling an oversized Yorkie Pud with tomato sauce, cheese and typical pizza toppings. A photo of this strangely alluring monstrosity was distributed by Morrisons to various UK newspapers this morning.

The timing of this press release was definitely not connected to the headline news yesterday that Morrisons had axed 1,500 middle managers across the entire country, oh no.

Apparently this monster has been unleashed for National Yorkshire Pudding Day, which, surprisingly, is not another dollop of the Morrisons PR department’s fevered imagination. Some random blog we clicked onto told us that it’s the first Sunday of February, which would make it the fifth this year.

Now, here on The Register’s culinary creations desk, we take food fusions pretty seriously (but not as seriously as milk in tea, natch). Even though this thing is the bastard ginger-headed lovechild of a back alley bunkup between one of Italy’s most popular food offerings of all time and the mighty Yorkshire Pudding, that bastion of stolid gastronomic sensibility, it does have a strange mouth-watering effect.

Opinions around Vulture Central are varied on this, with some saying “urgh” and others taking to Google to locate the nearest Morrisons (sadly it’s just over two miles (3.5km) away, which in central London terms may as well be on the dark side of the Moon).

The essential questions are, would you eat one of these things? Would you pour gravy on it? If you wouldn’t eat it, what would you actually do with it?

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The top three most inventive suggestions of what to do with, or serve with, the Morrisons pizza thingy (as judged by the Vulture Central Culinary Standards and Nutrition Soviet) could win one of the following:

Get to it, folks. ®

Terms and conditions: Prizes are awarded at our sole discretion. You'll need to give us your name and address to claim your prize so we can post it to you. There are no cash alternatives. If this sounds like we're clearing out the cupboards, that's exactly what's going on. Competition closes next Wednesday, or whenever someone reminds us to switch off the poll and (shudder) read the comments. You agree to hand over your immortal soul to us in exchange for entering. Milk goes in after the teabag is removed.

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