SPEC SFS 2014 benchmark smashed by storage newbie

NVMe over Fabrics shows its razor sharp performance teeth

By Chris Mellor

Posted in Storage, 17th January 2018 11:51 GMT

NVMe-over-Fabrics fanboy startup E8 has whupped other suppliers' behinds with a SPEC SFS2014 filer benchmark.

It is the software build section of the benchmark, which measures the number of software builds and the overall response time.

The previous record holder was NetApp, with 520 builds and a 1.04 second overall response time (ORT).

E8 used its D24 storage array with with 24 x HGST SN200 1.6TB dual-port NVMe SSDs, 24TB total capacity, and 16 Spectrum Scale client nodes to achieve 600 builds and an 0.69 secs ORT.

SPEC SFS 2014 software builds results

If we chart the results ordered by ORT then we get this:

Sixteen Spectrum Scale parallel file system client nodes generated the load for the E8 D24 appliance, with communications using a 100GbitE Mellanox 32-port switch and 100GbitE adapters in each Spectrum Scale node, and RDMA data transfer.

WekaIO started the jump from the 150-250 build level, with its 500-build result in July last year. NetApp beat that in October and now E8 has gone one better.

We understand E8 will put out a press release once contributing supplier quotes have been finalised but, meanwhile, the SPEC SFS 2014 result is live and available for all to see.

Get the detailed E8 SPEC SFS 2014 software build benchmark data here. ®

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