Two-day Bitbucket borkage has devs tearing their hair out

Storage layer issues slow code access

By Chris Mellor


Atlassian's code version control system Bitbucket has been suffering an ongoing failure in its storage layer, affecting developers across the globe.

Problems arose yesterday (January 9) at 13:47 UTC, when the service website performance and SSH/HTTPS transactions slowed. After four hours of degraded performance, Bitbucket said it was investigating possible network or storage layer issues, and then working with its storage vendor an hour later.

Six hours after the incident was recognised, the status system said: "All services and all repositories are back, but overall performance of the website, and SSH/HTTPS transactions will continue to be slow. We are in the process of fixing the overall issue with our vendor, but cannot currently give an accurate eta for when this will be completed."

Naturally, users took to Twitter to vent.

And, of course, the classic...

At the time of publication, Bitbucket had last updated its status page at 02:21 UTC this morning and still seems to be recovering:

Our team continues to work around the clock to recover from an incident that involved a failure in Bitbucket's storage layer. Most services and repositories are functioning normally, albeit slower than usual while the storage layer repairs itself. No data has been lost, but we are continuing to run a maintenance process to bring everything back online at full capacity.

It's a bummer to have a borkage at all but credit to Atlassian for updating its status page regularly.

The Atlassian stack is used by developers to collaborate on code and manage Git repositories. It also has project-managing platforms such as issues tracker Jira and the Confluence collaboration program. Atlassian bought the Bitbucket hosted collaboration service in 2010.

The company has more than 107,000 customers overall with millions of users. Back in February last year there were one million teams and six million developers using Bitbucket – by now we can imagine that's quite a few frustrated code monkeys out there. ®

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