Former Intel EMEAR sales director takes Chipzilla to tribunal

Claims unfair dismissal, sex discrimination, withholding bonuses

By Paul Kunert

Posted in Business, 15th December 2017 10:40 GMT

Intel Corp's former Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Russia (EMEAR) sales director, who lost her job a year ago, is making an employment tribunal claim against the company which includes a series of accusations including sexual discrimination.

Mary Guiney left the chipmaker in November 2016 and her case is to be heard at Watford Tribunal on 9 January, a clerk at the hearing centre confirmed to The Register.

"The jurisdiction for this case in unfair dismissal, sex discrimination and unauthorised deduction of wages," the clerk told us.

Guiney joined Chipzilla in December 2014 as the EMEA and Russia sales lead for the Internet of Things but was chopped a little less than two years later, though her LinkedIn page has yet to reflect this status.

A preliminary hearing took place at Reading Employment Tribunal in mid-May, but was moved to Watford to be heard in October. This was then postponed by the judge until early next year.

Guiney confirmed she is representing herself against the legal briefs hired by Intel though she has no formal training in the profession.

Intel refused to comment. ®

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