EE Business Broadband digital transformation: Portal offline until July

You guys OK with paper print-outs for the next eight months?

By Kat Hall

Posted in Networks, 14th December 2017 09:35 GMT

EE Business Broadband customers will have to make do with old-fashioned paper print-outs for the next eight months because the UK firm's online portal is down.

In a missive seen by The Register, folk were informed that the service will be out of action until July "while EE carries out technical improvements".

One customer was less than impressed. "No, they've not developed its replacement in parallel with the current one, worked out the kinks and then planned to make the whole thing live on a known slow-day for minimum disruption. Oh no. Eight months of nothing."

EE said: "We're working hard to make sure that you still get the best possible service during this period, but we are sorry for any inconvenience it causes. The rest of your broadband service will continue to work as normal, and you'll still be able to manage your account by contacting us directly."

It kindly promised to send customers their monthly bills "free of charge".

EE inherited the Orange UK broadband service, which had 884,000 fixed broadband customers in 2015, which BT then acquired after splashing £12.5bn on gobbling EE in 2016 (PDF).

The Register has asked EE for a comment. ®

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