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Hell's bells! Lights out at Diablo Technologies as plug pulled on website

Lawyer tells patent hearing day-to-day operations suspended

By Chris Mellor


NVDIMMer Diablo Technologies has suspended day-to-day operations, according to its lawyer.

Speaking in the Northern District Court in California at a December 1 hearing* – in which Netlist claims Diablo, SanDisk and Smart Storage infringed its patents – Diablo's counsel, Fabio Marino, informed the other parties that Diablo had ceased operating. Marino is considering filing a motion to withdraw Diablo's appearance in this action.

A compliance hearing on the patent case is currently set to continue on 23 March next year – unless Diablo's lawyer makes a motion to withdraw before that.

Diablo's website is unavailable.

Netlist will now feel vindicated in its actions against Diablo, despite failing to prevail.

CTO Maher Amer left Diablo in September, according to LinkedIn. Michael Paarziale, Diablo co-founder and VP business operations, left in October to join Ottawa Aviation Services as its VP For business operations.

A second co-founder and former CEO, Ricardo Badalone, also departed in August, as did the third co-founder Franco Forlini. David Ferretti, Diablo's VP for worldwide sales, left in August to join Tidal Scale as its worldwide sales VP.


Diablo was founded in 2003 and has eaten up $95.8m in funding, the last round being $18m in August 2016. Latterly it pinned hopes on its Memory1 Flash DIMM technology. This would appear to have wilted prospects in the face of Intel and Micron's 3D XPoint and Samsung's Z-NAND, which fill the performance gap between DRAM and flash.

It would seem that Optane may have hit Memory1 hard and put the lights out at Diablo. ®

*Netlist, Inc v. Smart Modular Technologies, Inc, Case number 4:13 cv 05889 California Northern District Court

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