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Nasuni straps APIs and encryption to nippier Edge Appliances

Smartens up software act with raft of improvements

By Chris Mellor


Cloud storage and gateway supplier Nasuni has released software making its Edge Appliances faster, safer, and easily integrated.

RESTful management API access is being added to provide information about volumes, Edge Appliances, and notifications for workflow automation, business unit chargeback, and data analysis. The next release of the API will add scriptable provisioning and configuration.

Audit API access for third-party products such as Varonis has been provided, so users can guard against malicious file attacks and comply with audits.

There is faster multi-site file propagation as unstructured data snapshots are now processed in small directory "shards" instead of entire volumes. The shards can be processed in parallel, reducing snapshot processing time, enabling data to be propagated across the Edge Appliances quicker, giving users in different locations faster access to shared files.

Edge Appliance VMs that cache active files on-premises can now span multiple local storage devices, enabling customers to create file servers as large as their virtual infrastructures allow.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) support has been added to the existing Active Directory support to authenticate users connecting to Edge Appliances for on-premises access to file shares and group directories.

Nasuni now works with Microsoft's cloud service for US government agencies and their partners, and is available as a technical preview for evaluations. Files and metadata shared by Edge Appliances across local networks using the NFS v4 protocol can now be encrypted.

The Edge Appliances have new volume-level permission policies supporting legacy Windows Security Identifiers (SIDs) to enable older Windows kit to use them.

Nasuni Global File Lock, a scalable service permitting one author at a time to edit a file across all locations, now offers protection against regional service disruptions. This is through cross-region replication with failover in under 3 minutes. It enables a lock server in another Amazon region to resume the service.

Earlier this month Russ Kennedy joined Nasuni as Chief Product Officer, coming from IBM Cloud Object Storage. He arrived at IBM with the Cleversafe acquisition, where he was SVP for Product Strategy and Customer Solutions.

Nothing really major here but the nine or so additions should be welcome to Nasuni's customers nonetheless and help it sell its offerings to cloud storage doubters. ®

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