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Cisco acquires to find low-cost cloud deals

Plans to infuse CloudCenter with workload-hopping tech

By Simon Sharwood


Stop us if you've heard this one before, but Cisco's just made an acquisition.

The Borg's latest prey is called and runs a SaaS platform that lets users save money by figuring out when it makes sense to place workloads in AWS spot instances, Amazon's short-term server rental offering. The SaaS service can automate those moves. claims that hopping between spot instances as they become available can save over 80 per cent of cloud costs, compared to paying on-demand rates for AWS resources.

Amazon, of course, also sells reserved instances that offer significant discounts for multi-year commitments, but there's plenty of reasons why a user wouldn't want those but would want a smaller cloud bill.

Cisco announced the deal with a pledge that it will “add new capabilities to Cisco CloudCenter and accelerate our delivery of cost-optimization features for our customers.”

CloudCenter came to Cisco with the 2016 acquisition of CliQr. The tool offers multi-cloud orchestration.

The Register imagines Cisco will try to adapt for other clouds, so it matches CloudCentre's capabilities. Cisco will also revel in owning another SaaS platform as it seeks to diversify beyond networking hardware. started life as and is based in India, with sales presences elsewhere. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed. ®

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