'Drunk' developers delay software vendor's release

Na Zdorovie to the hard-working devs at Russia's Arusoft

By Simon Sharwood


Russian software vendor Arusoft claims it delayed a product release because its developers were drunk.

Arusoft's mission, according to its web page, is “... to crack a variety of disc protection especially for 4K UHD, so that people's audio-visual life will be more convenient.” In the service of that goal it makes a Blu-Ray ripper named DeUHD that usually updates weekly.

But visitors to the company's site on Tuesday, December 5th, instead found the following message:

Attention: Attention: We are drunk today, so updates will be tomorrow! This is the last day when you can buy a lifetime DeUHD! Catch the moment!

The admission's cached here, too in case you want to verify it.

Whatever bender - or japery - caused the delay was not welcomed by DeUHD users, as last week Arusoft announced it would stop selling the product under a perpetual licence.

Once the developers sobered up, that came to pass: the software's now sold with a six month licence for €60 (£53, US$71). Or if you want to try the application – for backup and convenience, of course – there's also a trial version that will convert three disks and let you watch them for ten minutes apiece. ®

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