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Call of Duty: Hierachical storage management biz runs its last campaign

Campaign Storage shuts doors

By Chris Mellor


Hierarchical Storage Management and HPC archiving firm Campaign Storage has closed down.

It was started up by Nathan Thompson, founder and CEO of archive gateway system and tape library company SpectraLogic and and Peter Braam. Braam was its CEO and the Lustre file system creator.

The idea was to provides tools for massive parallel data movement from high-performance computing to lower-cost, bulk storage tiers. There was no startup funding that we know of, and Campaign Storage didn't even have a website, being a lean operation.

Thompson told us: "In launching Campaign Storage, Peter Braam and I looked extensively at the HPC market for Campaign Storage. Although we saw some pockets of opportunities, we concluded that the market was well covered by several existing software products. In particular, we saw the strength of HPSS (developed and supported by IBM and five large US DOE laboratories), DMF (developed supported by HPE), and VersityStorage Manager (developed and supported by VersityCorporation).

"Thus, we decided in October to conduct an orderly wind-down of our company. Peter continues to work on a number of projects related to the Square Kilometer Array telescope, and I continue to run Spectra Logic. Peter and I may work on something together again in the future." ®

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