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M1 SCO car reg plate bidding reaches four figures

By Paul Kunert

Posted in The Channel, 30th November 2017 11:35 GMT

The old saying "a fool and his money are soon parted" clearly doesn't spring to mind as bidding starts to simmer on the Misco car registration plate that went under the hammer last week.

As El Reg revealed, Misco Group's private equity backer Hilco Capital launched an online sale following the collapse of the reseller in October, when it axed most of its staff and called in the receivers.

On sale until yesterday (November 29) were warehouse fixtures and fittings, plus a range of heavy-duty machines including an order picker, stackers, forklift trucks and a ride-on floor sweeper.

But there was one hidden gem that we expected to be the subject of a furious bidding war among channel sales folk: the corporate car number plate, M1 SCO.

Misco is synonymous with glamour. It has a rich heritage in the trading of computers and related accessories. Who wouldn't want a piece of that action?

The cost of the "vehicle Personalised Cherished Registration Number" was £3,500 at last count, commensurate with a modest family holiday in the Med, but something that will last a lot longer.

For those that can afford to dig a little deeper, fear not, for the bidding doesn't close until later today. And if the car reg doesn't tickle you fancy – are you mad? – then there are pallet loads of computing gear from Surface devices to lappies from Apple, Dell and Acer.

Good luck. ®

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