HPE GreenLake: Enterprise takes another splash at pay-as-you-go private cloud

Come on in, the water's... err... cloudy

By Chris Mellor

Posted in Cloud, 27th November 2017 16:58 GMT

Businesses want cloud-style IT, HPE declared as it pushed out GreenLake on-premises everything-as-a-service models – an evolution of its Flex Capacity pay-per-use infrastructure.

These GreenLake products are similar to the converged infrastructure idea (servers, storage, networking, hypervisor, OS) but with application software and services added, and a pay-for-use pricing scheme layered on top.

It's not the first time someone has punted the private cloud-as-a-service (PCaaS) concept, of course. IBM had its Box Panel, acquired through buying Blue Box, as well as the SoftLayer scheme in late 2015, with on-premises infrastructure managed through Box software and SoftLayer. It's called IBM Cloud Private now, uses OpenStack and focuses on containerization.

HPE gives execs a jiggle and merges subsidiaries in shrivelling Pointnext


Rackspace, meanwhile, has its OpenStack PCaaS, described in a blog here, and which appears to underpin HPE's GreenLake PCaaS.

HPE is aiming to ride the shift from capex to opex that's taking place as businesses look to consume more IT services cloud-style instead of owning and operating IT gear outright.

We can expect HPE to increase the number of GreenLake application suites over time. Ana Pinczuk, SVP and GM of HPE's PointNext Services, said HPE has Docker coming right up, with HPE Flex Capacity for containers as a service.

It expects to expand the set of partner companies in each one of the five GreenLake application areas, which are:

GreenLake differs from IBM's CloudPrivate by not being an on-ramp to containerization and containerized IBM public-private cloud workload mobility. GreenLake will support Docker but there is no mention yet of containerized versions of the five app bundles.

Think about all this as a concierge-type service to have cloud-style, application-specific infrastructure based on-premises, supplied and managed by HPE – or its channel in the future.

As well as the converged system/application bundles, there's a GreenLake Flex Capacity-based infrastructure product, which is a rejigging of the existing PointNext Flex Capacity with payment by consumption.

It features modular, pre-packaged infrastructure choices: high-performance computing, Microsoft Azure Stack, and SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure, with capacity planning, and availability to HPE's channel.

Each bundle includes PointNext advisory, professional, remote monitoring and management services, a Flex Capacity pay-per-use consumption model, reference architecture HPE hardware/software platforms, support and a subscription to e-learning content.

HPE claims these PCaaS offerings costs the same as, or less than, the public cloud, but we haven't seen any numbers to back this up.

The metering is based, we understand, on Cloud Cruiser technology, which HPE bought in February and made an integral part of Flex Capacity.

We haven't seen any configuration details or pricing numbers. ®

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