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Politics is going digital, but guns and money still pack a punch

If you’re looking for power, you probably haven’t got any

By Joe Fay


Reg Lectures Reg readers were introduced to a who's who of digital power players last week, from Kosovo’s king of fake news, and the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs planning floating startup countries, to, of course, grumpy cat.

Carl Miller, co-founder of CASM at Demos and a visiting fellow at King's College London, joined us to discuss his upcoming book, Power, and took a packed room of Register readers on a whirlwind tour of those who have it, those who will have it, and those who are, probably, losing it.

Along the way, we encountered cyber criminals, part time investigative journalists and open government activists, and took a little time out to bemoan the sorry state of traditional politics and traditional media.

There was plenty to ponder, lots to worry about, and a few glimmers of hope.

Then, after the traditional Register Lecture nibbles and glass topping-up break, we embarked on a marathon Q & A session, as attendees quizzed Carl on his investigations, threw in their own knowledge and opinions, and, occasionally, took (generally) polite issue with each other.

You can watch the lecture right here – though sadly, you can’t watch the Q&A, or the gripping debates that always flourish when a group of Reg readers get together in a pub to share ideas, as well as drink.

But don’t worry, we’re putting the finishing touches to next year's lecture lineup, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get live and direct with The Register, and some of the brightest minds in tech. We look forward to seeing you there. ®

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