System Center's first semi-annual release debuts

Try Redmond's upgrade treadmill in Tech Preview to see if you can hack the pace

By Simon Sharwood, APAC Editor

Posted in Data Centre, 10th November 2017 07:29 GMT

Microsoft's released the first semi-annual version of System Center.

The new Tech Preview delivers on Microsoft's pledge to match Windows Server's twice-yearly updates, plus more occasional big-bang releases. Redmond reckons this release cadence is the way for you to get super-agile, even though it involves an upgrade treadmill because the Windows Server releases are only supported for 18 months.

The System Center release adds integrations with Azures's Service Map, offers a Virtual Machine Manager add-in to manage manage Azure ARM VMs and Azure Active Directory, and integrates the System Center Service Manager with Azure so you can pipe in the kind of data that fuels ITSM incidents.

TLS 1.2 support is another feature of the Preview, which is handy given its predecessors are known to be less-than-optimally secure.

Microsoft's also added:

Full release notes for the preview is here and the tech preview can be downloaded here, after you register to do so.

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