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Countdown starts for new Xen hypervisor release

RC1 for Xen 4.10 is upon us, so get testing, hyper-hipsters

By Simon Sharwood


The Xen Project has issued the first release candidate for version 4.10 of its hypervisor and set a testing schedule aimed at a December release.

The Project has previously foreshadowed the addition of PVHv2 for interrupt routing and PCI emulation in this release. Numerous enhancements aimed at improving the hypervisor's performance in cars were also planned. Maintainer Julian Grail's Xen 4.10 Development Update kickoff post mentioned numerous planed enhancements, among them “Getting guest CPUID handling into a better shape”, creation of per-cpu tasklets, support for Tegra SoCs and plenty more. There's a full log for those of you who want to go really deep.

Release candidates will emerge weekly, ahead of testing days on October 25th, then November 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd. If all goes well, the new version of the hypervisor will emerge on December 2nd.

As ever, the final product will take a while to filter out into the real world. But as Xen is deployed by Amazon Web Services and other large clouds, once this lot of enhancements do appear they can have a profound impact on a great many users.

The Xen Project's Xen 4.10 test wiki explains how to get your hands on a release candidate and share the results of your footling. ®

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