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Cisco sells data virtualization unit to Tibco

Bought in 2013, disposed of in 2017 due to misalignment with 'long-term focus'

By Richard Chirgwin


Four years after acquiring Composite Software and rebranding it as Cisco Data Virtualization, Switchzilla will sell the unit to Tibco.

The buyer says it will be integrating the core Cisco Information server and its “related consulting and support services” into its analytics portfolio, alongside the Tibco Spotfire analytics and its Connected Intelligence platform.

The technology creates what Tibco calls a virtual data layer for analytics without needing a separate data warehouse, and without disturbing the source data.

As well as data integration, the system includes query optimisation, data abstraction, and self-service access.

Cisco paid US$180m for Composite Software. There's no word on what Tibco is paying to get its hands on the code. The deal will be subject to the usual approvals, but Tibco is confident the transaction will complete in the coming weeks.

Explaining its decision, Cisco's AppDynamics veep and general manager Thomas Wyatt blogged that “our Data Virtualization business is not aligned with our long-term focus”.

There's certainly some appearance of overlap between different products, since Cisco also offers Tetration analytics (focusing on securing applications), AppDynamics (monitoring application and business performance), and Digital Network Architecture (enterprise network monitoring, automation, and security). ®

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