Woah, backup a mo. You mean Veeam now has 4,000 NetApp resellers flinging its software?

Boost for data protection bods

By Chris Mellor


NetApp is reselling Veeam data protection software.

Veeam Availability Suite and Backup & Replication will be available with NetApp E-series, AltaVault, ONTAP, All-Flash FAS, and hybrid cloud product offerings, sold by NetApp directly or through its channel.

That means Veeam products are now on NetApp's price list and around 4,000 NetApp resellers get effectively added to Veeam's channel roster.

Veeam's profile as leading backup software vendor gets a big boost from NetApp support. NetApp can use Veeam products to pump data through its AltaVault cloud storage gateway up to Azure and AWS, strengthening its Data Fabric umbrella.

There is an integration with Data ONTAP, NetApp's FAS array operating system, such that customers can use NetApp Snapshot, SnapMirror and SnapVault in tandem with Veeam software. With the ONTAP integration, Veeam claims customers can achieve recovery point time objectives (RPTO) of <15 minutes for all applications and data, though this is a claim Veeam makes for its Availability Suite v9.5 software in general.

Russ Trainor, VP for IT at the Denver Broncos Football Club, said in a prepared quote: "Restoring [VMware] virtual machines from NetApp storage snapshots is simple and straightforward with Veeam – no special training is required."

Veeam also partners with HPE, Cisco (both with same <15 minutes RPTO claim), and Dell EMC (Unity, VNX, Data Domain). If it gets IBM as a partner then that's pretty much a clean sweep of US server-based mainstream system suppliers, except Hitachi.

Veeam CMO

Kate Hutchison has been appointed as Veeam's chief marketing officer, coming from similar roles at Riverbed, VMware and, before that, Citrix and BEA.

She replaces the Peter Ruchatz, who was CMO from July 2013 to February this year. He became chief product officer and CMO at Meteo Group in May. Meteo calls itself a full-service B2B weather solutions supplier. The climate must be better there. ®

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