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NFS is now on tap in Azure – and NetApp is Microsoft's provider

NFS as a service on-ramp to Azure

By Chris Mellor


NetApp is making NFS available as a service in Microsoft's Azure Cloud, enaabling on-premises NFS-using applications to move into Azure.

Tad Brockway, Microsoft's general manager for Azure Storage, said: "Customers can now bring their applications to Azure and continue to get the scale, performance, and reliability offered by NetApp’s ... data services."

That's what it's all about for Microsoft.

With this Microsoft Azure Enterprise Network File System (NFS) service, cloud folks and storage admins will can provision, automate, and scale NFS services by using RESTful APIs. Users will be able to access this service directly through the Azure console.

Data protection services will be offered, starting with on-demand, automated snapshots. The service will support both NFS V3 and V4 workloads to customers operating in the cloud and the hybrid cloud, and will also integrate with other Azure services, including analytics, SQL Server, and SAP Hana for Azure.

There are additional integrations with NetApp's Data Fabric, meaning Azure in Cloud Control for Microsoft Office 365 and NetApp AltaVault.

The Sunnyvale company is extending cloud protection and retention for Office 365 to Azure Storage.

It is adding local EMEA and APAC support in Dublin and Sydney. This is for customers who prefer to store their Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint data in their local region.

NetApp AltaVault is adding support for Azure Archive Storage, enabling customers to choose from hot, cool, and cold storage options in the Azure cloud for their data protection.

There are strengthened cloud backup and recovery offerings with new Azure storage options and bundles.

The CDW bundle is a lab-validated combo comprised of AltaVault, Veritas Backup Exec, and Microsoft Azure for backing up to the cloud.


This set of announcements add Azure capabilities to NetApp's Data Fabric umbrella scheme to combine on-premises storage and public cloud storage. This has most coverage so far in the hybrid on-premises-Amazon area but Azure is now ramping up in importance.

Over time we might expect Google's Cloud Platform to have a role in the Data Fabric as well. Also, once the SolidFire-based hyper-converged system starts appearing in NetApp shops then its hybrid cloud integration will become important and we might expect the Data Fabric to start involving virtual machine movement between the on-premises and public cloud worlds. The Greenqloud acquisition could have a role here.

Customers can sign up for the Azure Enterprise NFS service preview at

Cloud Control and NetApp AltaVault are currently available. ®

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