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Dell EMC, Veeam eagerly clamber onto Microsoft's Azure Stack: I love it more. No, I love it more

Azure Stack and Hyper-V support ignition for MS

By Chris Mellor


Orlando's Microsoft Ignite conference saw Dell EMC and Veeam worshipping at the cloudy on-premises Azure Stack shrine with protection support offerings and more.

Dell EMC already supports Microsoft's Azure Stack with Dell servers and networking and EMC storage running Microsoft's public cloud in an on-premises incarnation. That's sold by its own sales force.

It has now laid three extra offerings at the feet of the Azure Stack gods:

  1. XC Series support for Hyper-V and Azure,
  2. channel can sell Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack, and
  3. Dell EMC Ready Bundle for Microsoft SQL Server (which is not actually related to Azure).

The XC Series are hyper-converged systems OEM'd from Nutanix and sold by Dell EMC alongside its in-house VxRail and Rack hyperconverged systems, which are vSphere-centric.

The XC Series now has a Data Protection Management Console offering which has Avamar (Virtual Edition) running on the XC sending data to Data Domain and off to a cloud tier which could be Virtustream or Azure. The XC now includes optimisation for Windows 2016 Hyper-V and Azure, with an Azure Log Analytics Solution to integrate log data into data centre automation tools.

There are a couple of minor extra goodies: The Dell EMC Ready Bundle for Microsoft SQL Server gets 14th generation PowerEdge server support (so it goes faster) and Unity (VNX) storage is now included with it.


Veeam's self-description gets more and more, with the backup software company now saying it is "the Availability for the Always-On Enterprise innovator". So no, now it's not a backup software company at all, and we must remember that.

Anyway, the Always-On Enterprise innovator is going to support Azure Stack as well as Azure, meaning the Veeam's software can back up applications and data running on Azure Stack, with multi-tenancy, various recovery options, reporting and billing and, of course, commonality of experience between Azure and Azure Stack.

There was a canned quote from Peter McKay, Veeam co-CEO, which said: "To be a launch partner for Azure Stack is further testament to our importance in this space." Jeez, Peter.

Veeam support for Microsoft Azure Stack is expected to be available in early 2018. ®

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