Microsoft's fix for web graphics going AWOL? Disable your antivirus

Or stop using Internet Explorer 11, of course

By Andrew Silver


If Internet Explorer 11 users exist, they may have noticed missing graphics in web apps. Now Microsoft has some free, helpful advice that might restore them: disable your antivirus.

Microsoft's Browser Support team noted today that there are three special scenarios where Internet Explorer 11 web graphics elements are missing in web apps running "highly used" web HTML font icons, including Font Awesome, @font-face, graphic shell-icons and GDI fonts. To get an idea of their use, font-awesome was included in about 36,411 Drupal content management system websites the week of August 20.

Font Awesome's Github page has a report of the issue dating back to March 2016.

It affects IE11 users on Windows 10, as apparently missing icons do not plague those on Redmond's Edge browser.

One scenario that could cause the missing graphics would be if "Untrusted Font Blocking" (slated for the axe in later Windows 10 releases) is enabled. Another is certain policy rules around font downloads.

But "if the above scenarios do not assist in resolving the missing icon issue," Microsoft noted, "please make sure you disable your antivirus application that have also known to prevent the Fonts Icon from displaying in the IE11 browser." ®

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