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NVMe? You should. Mangstor hauls in $7.1m for array development shop

And Austin-based firm is hiring

By Chris Mellor


Stuttering NVMe-over-Fabrics startup Mangstor has raised $7.1m and is hiring.

In December last year Mangstor, which developed the NX6320 and NX6325 arrays, replaced founding CEO Trevor Smith with investment advisor Craig Gilmour, who had previously run a veterinarian supplies website, VetDepot.

The firm then went quiet while other startups in the very fast array access market banged out announcements and products; Apeiron, E8, Excelero and Pavilion Data Systems, for example. Dell EMC went against the trend by canning its DSSD product.

An August 9 SEC filing shows that Mangstor raised $7,076,500 through a $12m stock issue – with $4,923,500 still to be raised.

That's not a great deal of money relatively speaking but should keep the firm operating and developing its product. It's up against well-financed competitors such as Apeiron, E8, Excelero, Dell (EMC), HDS, HPE, IBM, Kaminario, Micron, NetApp, Pavilion Data Systems, Pure Storage, Tegile, Tintri and X-IO.

According to its website the firm is hiring, so don't count it out of the NVMeF race just yet. ®

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