Data Centre

Fujitsu's Australian cloud suffers storage crash, outage

User tells of significant data loss

By Simon Sharwood


Fujitsu Australia has confirmed that its data centre in the Australian suburb of Homebush has experienced an outage.

“A storage array in Fujitsu’s Homebush data centre became unavailable at 9.24PM on Saturday night and has affected services to customers,” a spokesperson told The Register. “We are treating this matter as a major incident and we have activated our internal crisis management processes.”

“The operation of the unit was reinstated at 3:00AM on Sunday morning and resolution activity is continuing to restore services to affected systems and customers. In line with predefined processes Fujitsu is working closely with customers for resolution.”

A person familiar with the operations of a major Australian financial institution told The Register that the incident took down a test and development environment comprising more than 1,000 virtual machines.

The person tells us that Fujitsu has advised the user that the majority of the VMs cannot be recovered.

The Register made Fujitsu Australia aware of the allegations of data loss. The company's statement did not address the matter.

The Register understands any data loss in the financial institution's test and development environment will not affect its operations, other than by forcing it to re-do some development work. That's still a significant and unwelcome effort.

Fujitsu upgraded the data centre in 2015, announcing new "high density, hybrid cooling technology, which uses recycled chilled water and spatial layout planning to minimise thermal currents" among other changes.

It's not know which vendor supplies the facility's storage. Fujitsu of course makes its own Eternus arrays. The company also partners with NetApp, Oracle, IBM, HPE, Cisco and Brocade, all of which are potential sources of a storage outage. ®

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