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Reg reader turns Geek's Guides to Britain into Geek's Map of Britain

Too lazy to plug GPS co-ords into satnav? Fear not, gypsythief has saved you

By Gareth Corfield


A forward-thinking Reg reader has put the entirety of our Geeks’ Guide series onto a Google Map, for your navigational and geographically organised reading pleasure.

Smart cookie Gypsythief has assembled the Geek's Map to Britain, which features all of our Geek's Guide features about lesser-known places of British technological heritage.

“None of the article summaries mentioned whereabouts the article was set,” he said in his Reg forum post announcing his rather neat project. “I was going to have to grep through each article to find out.”

“And if I was going to do that, I figured I might as well record where they all were, and bung 'em on a map for easy future reference,” he added.

Hence he created the Geek’s Map to Britain. He does say there’s a “quite obvious” Easter Egg, for those with a minute or two to kill.

Each Geek's Guide feature is set out as not only a fascinating illumination of a hitherto obscure site in the past, but as a practical guide to go out and find the place. Each includes GPS co-ordinates, a postal address, opening hours and (occasionally) directions to the nearest hostelry for a post-geekery pint.

Stay tuned for future Geek's Guides on the underground Mail Rail postal tube train network, the Hovercraft Museum, and potentially something historical and aviation-themed... ®

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