Microsoft says Skype outages are over – a few hours too early

Global Skype outages spill over onto a second day

By Andrew Silver

Posted in Networks, 20th June 2017 18:48 GMT

Microsoft thought it had fixed global outages for Skype that began yesterday, but so far, no such luck. Skype is still going through ups and downs.

In a tweet at 1408 GMT June 19, Skype support admitted that, “There is an ongoing incident affecting the ability to connect to the application.” In another tweet at 1745, Skype support claimed, “We have resolved the issue affecting Skype connectivity. Thank you for your patience, and enjoy Skype!” shows that problems are affecting most of the world, including the eastern United States, countries in Europe and bits of Asia.

In a blog post, the Skype team noted that users could lose connectivity, be unable to send or receive messages, or experience delays or user interface gaffs. It noted today at 14:00 GMT that the issue continues for some users.

In a tweet at 0841 today, Skype support said, “We are still working on fully resolving the incident affecting Skype connectivity – apologies for the inconvenience.”

Twitter, of course, isn’t happy.

The Register reached out to Microsoft for comment, although it now appears the issue is solved. ®

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