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Crank up the caffeine for ISC Student Cluster Competition 2017

What you need to know, HPC competitors

By Dan Olds, OrionX


HPC Blog Some people are afraid of public speaking, others fear spiders or snakes. Still others fear having to put together and benchmark high performance computing clusters in front of thousands of spectators and a worldwide audience of millions online.

Are you in that camp? If you are, then you have a lot in common with competitors in the Student Cluster Competitions.

The ISC High Performance 2017 competition will be kicking off on June 19 in Frankfurt, Germany. Eleven teams will be competing to see which one has put together the best system and optimized the benchmarks and scientific applications to run faster than a cheetah on speed.

So what should the competitors be doing before the event? How should they be training? What should they do when they arrive at the site of the competition? And how should they ensure that their systems and software are delivering the utmost?

To answer these questions and more, I interviewed Carolyn Pasti, CEO of RedLine Performance Solutions. RedLine specializes in integrating, managing, and performance-tuning HPC clusters for large organizations.

She and her team of engineers have decades of experience in doing everything to make an HPC system run reliably and, as importantly, crank through workloads like a hot soldiering iron cutting through butter.

For student cluster competition teams, this is vital information that they need to know. But it's also very good info for anyone who has to stand up a cluster and tune applications to provide maximum performance. Check out the video below to get the details.

I packaged up the interview in this handy webcast format and am now presenting it to you like the Glenngarry leads. (If you're missing the reference, here's a Youtube clip of the most famous scene, which includes some harsh language; be warned).

So put that coffee down and pay attention. Coffee is for clusterers only. ®

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