Samsung wants your exploding Galaxy Note 7. Have a new one instead

Replacement programme for UK and Ireland

By Drew Cullen

Posted in Personal Tech, 19th September 2016 16:31 GMT

Got a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and live in the UK or Ireland? Not switched it on lately after reading those reports about exploding devices? Fret ye not, for Samsung today announced an exchange programme, whereby you get a replacement “phablet” courtesy of the provider you bought it from.

In the meantime, Samsung requests that “until a replacement device is provided … power down your device and return it to its place of purchase”.

In other words, don’t use it. Please.

We suspect the exchange programme will affect few people, as the Note 7 hadn’t officially gone on sale in the UK before shipments were stopped on 2 September.

Samsung blamed an “issue related to an isolated battery cell” for the fault that caused a “small number of reported incidents”.

The company is “completely confident” that the battery issue is resolved. It is also rolling out a software update for pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy Note 7s in Europe that will limit battery charge to 60 per cent.

“By actively limiting the ability of the device to charge to full capacity, Samsung aims to reduce the risk of incidents and simultaneously reinforce the message to customers that they should immediately replace their existing device with a new Note7.”

Find out more at the Galaxy Note7 Exchange Programme. ®

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