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Reg readers head to pub to hear about the digital home

Building internet mousetraps and enchanted umbrellas

By Joe Fay


Reg Lecture Every inventor wants to build a better moustetrap, so it’s no surprise that IBM master inventor Andy Stanford-Clark make sure he applied his IoT expertise to inflicting mayhem on his unwanted mursine visitors.

This was just one example deployed at his recent Register Summer Lecture. No one wants a dead mouse stinking up the house – but hook up the trap to the net, and you know when it’s terminated one of the critters. Scale it up, and suddenly you can direct your rat catchers and trap checkers to where they need to be, rather than have them burning diesel on the off-chance.

That’s just one application of the technology of course, Andy also detailed how it can be used to manage your house, monitor vulnerable people, and play tricks on your local ferry operator, if you’re that way inclined. He also made a substantial, and fascinating, side trip into hydrogen powered cars, boats and computers. You can enjoy the whole show – and learn about enchanted umbrellas - above.

Well, we say the whole show. You don’t get the Q&A, where Andy debated the intricacies of security and privacy with Reg readers. You also don’t get the chat over food and beer that are a vital part of every Reg lecture.

If that’s not a reason to rock up next time, we don’t know what is. Our next series is in development, so keep your eyes peeled. And if you’d like to go head to head with a room full of Reg readers, get in touch. ®

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