Unicode serves up bacon emoji

Doner kebab also on the menu for 9.0

By Lester Haines


On 21 June, the world will become a slightly more agreeable place with the release of Unicode 9.0 - not because the standard will offer "Arabic characters to support Bravanese and Warsh, which are used in North and West Africa, along with Pakistani Quranic marks" and "significant updates to segmentation algorithms", but rather for the inclusion of a bacon emoji.

Yes indeed, Reg readers' fave food is honoured among 72 new emojis, which also include a handy facepalm and a shark, albeit without a frikkin' laser.

Here's the full set, splendidly rendered in "Apple style" by Emojipedia:

While we'll probably pass on the salad, the "Stuffed Flatbread", aka the Doner Kebab, certainly looks tempting, especially if washed down with a "Tumbler Glass" of rum or whiskey. Cheers. ®

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