ISS 'nauts to face Mark Zuckerberg grilling

Facebook Live vid Q&A session tomorrow

By Lester Haines


International Space Station (ISS) 'nauts Tim Kopra, Tim Peake and Jeff Williams will tomorrow enjoy a 20-minute Facebook Live vid Q&A session with Mark Zuckerberg.

The action kicks off at 12:55pm ET / 11:55am CT / 10:55am MT / 09:55am PT / 16:55 GMT down at NASA's Facebook presence. Mere mortals are invited to join the event and put their questions.

The space agency suggests predictable queries such as "what is it like to live and work in microgravity orbiting the Earth?", "what sorts of out-of-this-world science is underway in the space station’s laboratories?", and "how does the research in space help prepare to send humans on a Journey to Mars?", might be suitable material for the session.

However, we're hoping Facebook commenter Pat Slattery's "Hey NASA when you going to use amerian rockets again to send astronauts into space again?" makes the cut.

Slattery adds: "Its crazy the USA is having to relay on Russia to send it's astronauts into space. The biggest mistake NASA made was gettinh rid of the space shuttle l really miss shuttle launches there is nothing like it."

Of course, Slattery is referring to homebuilt US lifters, rather than rockets constructed by an Argentinian hotel chain. No doubt patriotic indignation contributed to his flaky English. ®

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