Twistlock drafts in industry veterans for strategy and sales posts

You can’t have too much thought leadership – or revenue

By Joe Fay


Container security outfit Twistlock has drafted in a DevOps luminary as a strategic advisor and an experienced industry insider as chief revenue officer.

San Francisco-based Twistlock shipped its Container Security Suite in November, and claims it is the only “dev-to-production” security product on the market today.

It said this week it “has surpassed the company's revenue goal for the first half of the year, delivering sales far above planned expectations" and the suite has been adopted at 30 companies.

Gene Kim will advise the firm “on its product direction, as well as serve as a sounding board for the company's overall strategies.” Kim is former CTO of Tripwire, and has written books including “The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT". If that doesn’t have you reaching for the book shelf, perhaps his upcoming “DevOps Handbook” will.

Newly appointed chief revenue officer Jacinta Tobin’s background includes prolonged sales stints at CapGemini Ernst and Young, CommuniGate Systems and Cloudmark over the last 20 years.

Twistlock CEO Ben Bernstein described Tobin as “one of the most successful high tech sales executives in the field. Tobin “will oversee sales, market expansion, and channel practices for the company.”

While Twistlock may style itself as the only dev-to-production security suite, it does operate in the DevOps space, where many companies have spent the last couple of years racing to develop products and secure funding.

The latest leg of this race seems to be in securing experienced sales and marketing folk who know how to get large enterprises to make a bet on relatively new technology and roll it out beyond smaller teams working on specific projects – and start paying the annual subscription fees the enterprise edition attracts.

So while Kim ticks the thought leadership box, arguably it will be Tobin whose job is most crucial to the company’s longer term survival.

Twistlock also announced some product news, in the shape of integration with the Google Cloud Platform’s Container Engine and the Amazon EC2 Container Registry Service. ®

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