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Reg readers show Blitz spirit at Computer Museum lecture

Vid: How Brit boffins of yesteryear are our future

By Joe Fay

Posted in Reg Lectures, 7th September 2015 08:35 GMT

Reg Lectures Having a hankering for the shiniest of new kit doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate genius that went into the tech of the past.

Otherwise, why would 40-odd Reg readers have squeezed into our final summer lecture, delivered by Kevin Murrell, co-founder of The National Museum of Computing in Bletchley.

Kevin deployed a bit of Blitz spirit to overcome some driver-related sound gremlins before sharing the story of the Colossus and Harwell Dekatron reconstructions, as well as the museum’s more recent acquisition of an air traffic control system.

You can see the full talk here, though you won’t get the hour's worth of Q&A that followed, or the stimulating chat you always get when a few dozen Register readers come together in close proximity to a bar. For that, you need to get a ticket and rock up, in the flesh.

But fear not. We’ve got another trio of cracking talks lined up for later in the year. Keep your eyes peeled if you want to be kept up to date on all Register events, including some cracking lectures we’re planning for later this year, sign up for a Register account. ®

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