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Vid: Reg lecture launches readers from Clerkenwell to outer space

We lay on liquid and solid fuel, naturally

By Joe Fay


Reg Lectures If you’re at all concerned that the UK is falling behind in the race to space, Dr Geraint Jones’ Reg Christmas Lecture should put your mind at ease.

A couple of dozen Reg readers bravely ascended the stairs to the upstairs room at the Craft Beer Company in Clerkenwell on December 9. Once there, a team of highly trained Reg operatives ensured they were fully loaded with exotic organic liquid and solid fuels.

In a 45 minute journey, Geraint took them on a tour of the UK space industry, shot through the rings of Saturn, stopped off at 67P/Churyumov Gerasimenko, and set sail for new planets beyond our solar system.

If you’re kicking yourself that you missed the live event, or you were there but just need a recap, you can watch the video above.

Yes, there was a Q&A, but really, how much video are you in the mood for today. If you want the full Reg lecture experience, including beer and food, stay tuned. There’s much more to come in 2015. ®

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