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Darwin, Beer and Big Data? Must be a Reg Lecture Video

Let's hear it for the data geeks

By Joe Fay

Posted in Reg Lectures, 3rd December 2014 17:31 GMT

Reg Events On Tuesday 25 November, Professor Mark Whitehorn kicked off the inaugural Reg Christmas Lectures, and what a night it was...

We packed them in upstairs at the Craft Beer Company pub on Leather Lane, Clerkenwell. It was tight, but nobody was stirring, not even a mouse as Mark took the attendees on a whirlwind journey around the world of big data.

So, just how did Mark keep a room full of data geeks on the edge of their seats? Well, it wasn’t just The Register’s generous provision of pies and pints.

In 45 minutes, Mark spanned the nature of data itself, variance, who really inspired Darwin, Mark’s house in Herefordshire, and the Henslow botanical gardens in Cambridge. Oh, and we had a guest appearance from Professor John Parker, Mark’s former PhD supervisor. What other publication gives you two profs for the price of one?

And that was just in the lecture, never mind the Q&A.

You can see just how he did it by watching our potted video of the lecture right here. If there seems to be a bit of a jump at the beginning, that’s because we had a few microphone teething problems. Bear with us. It’s good stuff.

We haven’t included the Q&A because we know you have limited time. If you want the full Reg Lecture experience and you're not signed up for any of this year's series, well, make sure you sign up for our 2015 lectures. ®

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