Moving home with Office 365? Avoid smashed crockery and cracked mirrors

Make tenant-to-tenant migration woes a thing of the past with the help of Quadrotech

Webcast There’s loads to celebrate when a company merger or acquisition has gone through. It marks the first step into a bigger, expanded business landscape, and the chance to add talent, techniques, and budget to your next big idea. As a founder, the big, fat payout alone is obviously reason to quite literally pull out the champagne.

What won’t be making anyone jump for joy, however, is the inevitable technology migration that comes with the average M&A. Schlepping everything from one data centre to the next – possibly to a central sovereign data centre – is a prime situation for merged business.

One particularly risky area of technology migration is moving your Office 365 estate from one tenant to another. This is no laughing matter when Office 365 now occupies 200 million commercial subscriptions across the globe – a 30 per cent rise from 2019’s 155 million, and set to keep growing.

Almost every business is now using Office 365 on some level, so knowing how to successfully migrate an Office 365 estate to a new home is a good use of anyone’s time.

Enter Quadrotech, whose director of enterprise migrations Mike Weaver has seen it all, and The Register’s Tim Phillips, who knows exactly what to ask Mike.

In our webcast on 1 April, 2020 at 3PM BMT (10AM EST), they’ll help you sharpen up your Office 365 migration strategy, covering issues such as avoiding downtime (and thus the costs associated with such), compliance issues, and effective auditing of tools, technology, and licenses in your organisation so nothing is left behind or superfluous.

Find out more about moving mailboxes, email archives, and personal storage tables, as well as hearing Quadrotech’s patented “three tips” to solve 80 per cent of all migration headaches.

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