Do you control your data – or does your data control you?

Komprise wants to help you kick your storage habit

Webcast If the task of storing ever higher piles of unstructured data is overwhelming your data center, you are not alone. Like many other organisations, your company may be devoting much more of its time and resources to buying and managing storage than to the actual data it holds.

Do you know what your data consists of? How much of it is anyone in the company actually using at any time? Could there be a more efficient way of managing your data than traditional storage tiering?

Join our webcast, brought to you by Komprise, at 4PM GMT (8AM PST) on March 3 to hear Krishna Subramanian, chief operating officer at fast-growing data management startup Komprise, talk to The Reg’s own Tim Phillips about how you can change your storage infrastructure to achieve big cost savings and better capacity management.

The company helps customers kick their expensive storage habit through intelligent analysis of their data, identifying data sprawl and shunting all the rarely accessed files that are stored on fast disk arrays off to cheaper and slower disk storage such as an object store or the public cloud.

Finding just the right data across billions of files can be a time consuming challenge. As well as saving on cost, analytics provides visibility, making it easy to find just the right data in billions of files across all your storage.

To register for the webinar discussion, and watch a live Komprise demo, click here.

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