You want us to know the truth about data silos, legacy IT, AI analytics hype? Bring it on

War stories wanted: Tell us what's really happening in your world

Reader survey If data is the fuel powering the modern British financial industry, where are the refineries, oil wells, and storage tanks for these bits and bytes? Any self-respecting IT pro knows the answer: it's complicated.

Information is everywhere, from legacy database systems implemented in COBOL during the 1960s to the NoSQL warehouses of today. This complexity hits hard as you attempt to deliver online services. It breeds bottlenecks and introduces inconsistencies where none should exist.

Our latest reader survey holds a magnifying glass to this problem. We need IT managers in the financial services sector to explain how they are coping with data fragmentation and how they integrate unstructured data with the structured stuff.

Do your data-capture systems work like a well-oiled machine, or are they in desperate need of an overhaul? Is there a disconnect between client-facing processes and internal systems? Or, are you simply trying to break out of the documentation quagmire?

Please take the survey and tell us what your ideal data management platform looks like: does that dream mean building APIs that allow developers and third-parties to integrate with your systems so you can work with a new breed of mobile apps and online tools? Or, would you rather jump on the AI bandwagon with machine-learning shouldering the burden of managing, capturing, and processing data?

As always, we want to hear from you. If you're working in this sector and have some strong opinions on these points, pile into our latest reader survey right here.

As usual, your responses will be anonymous and your privacy assured.

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