Tune in online today: Find out how to smooth your path to a hybrid or multi-cloud environment

Join us this lunchtime with experts from Google Cloud and Trax to discuss costs, tools, and more

Webcast Whether you run your business on-premises or in the cloud, you probably wish your developers and admins could deploy and manage applications without having to learn different environments and APIs every time.

How can you realise this universal dream of maximising efficiency and minimising costs? Should you move to a hybrid or multi-cloud environment? What is the best combination of cloud platforms, and how do you avoid lock-in?

If you are a senior IT decision maker or strategist, you should not miss our webcast at 12 noon BST today to learn the answers.

Greg DeMichillie, Director of Developer Strategy at Google Cloud, and Mark Serdze, Director of Cloud Infrastructure at Trax, will be talking to The Register’s own Jon Collins on topics including:

  • The benefits of a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy.
  • What you should know about cutting-edge technologies, such as containerisation and serverless computing.
  • Guiding principles for evaluating costs, ease of migration, security, and compliance.
  • How to integrate tools, processes, and roles to boost collaboration and innovation.
  • Hot market trends, such as the take-up of advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

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