Silos of paper scans, photos, forms, and other unstructured data blight today's corps. How are you tearing them down?

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Survey So much of the misery inflicted on customers by financial institutions is caused by disjointed systems and clumsy hand-offs between departments.

The people you speak with as a customer often seem blind to the interactions you've had internally with their colleagues, and the details of the excruciatingly painful process you have gone through to submit forms and documents that have since got lost or stuck in the system somewhere.

Against this background, our latest reader survey looks at one aspect of this problem – the flow and management of unstructured content, particularly in the context of financial services and other regulated industries.

By unstructured content, we mean electronic documents and forms, scans of paper documents, photos, etc, and the metadata, notes, messages, and commentary that relate to such objects and the way they flow.

Are you looking to bridge the gaps between the systems used by customers, partners, and employees? If so, what's needed in terms of enabling technology such as platforms that are content rather than transaction-centric?

And if you are going to have documents and other content flowing seamlessly across various traditional boundaries, what are the security and compliance implications, and how should they be dealt with?

We want to hear from you if you have opinions on these and related questions.

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