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Serverless Computing London takes you deep into Lambda, Azure, and more

Event If you’re looking for a thorough grounding in serverless computing, or just want to kick your existing experiments into a higher gear, why not join our workshop day at Serverless Computing London next month.

We’ve got a trio of all-day optional workshops, each of which is led by a bona fide expert in the field.

Lars Röwekamp, of open knowledge, will take you through AWS Lambda. After reviewing a range of serverless solutions and their pros and cons, you’ll dive into building your own serverless functions from scratch before learning how they can be choreographed into a joint solution.

If you’ve already got a grounding in Azure, you’ll want to check out Xpirit’s Marc Duiker’s session, where you’ll learn how to write, test, and deploy .NET Core functions with confidence, and how to configure a build-release pipeline in Azure DevOps.

And if you’re ready to move beyond creating serverless functions to maintaining serverless applications, you’ll want to sign up for Richard Boyd’s session. This will show you how to build a CI/CD pipeline for deploying a serverless application while minimizing deployment risk and sustaining developer velocity.

These are in in addition to our conference speaker lineup, which includes engineering talent from key vendors, as well as practitioners who’ve put serverless and FaaS to work at companies including Lego, Well Pharmacy, Comcast, Bayer and Vacation Tracker.

This all happens at the QE II Conference Centre, in London, England, from November 6 to 8, and we’ll make sure you’re looked after from start to finish. So why not head over to the Serverless Computing London website now, and we’ll see you next month. ®

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