Watch online today: How to leverage data to disrupt rivals – and overcome challenges

Join us with Google Cloud for advice to the brave

Webcast If your strategy depends on using data to disrupt the market, then unstoppable data growth, a change of business strategy, or a fast-moving competitive landscape, are likely to present challenges.

How do you find the right people to extract value from your data platform? How do you make sure your organisation’s IT processes and tooling are keeping up with the pace of change?

If you are eager for advice on how to sail calmly through choppy waters and help maintain your data-led advantage, tune in to our webinar at 12pm BST today. The Register’s Jon Collins will seek guidance from Greg DeMichillie, Director of Developer Strategy at Google Cloud, and customer Omri Keret, VP of R&D at Apester.

Here are some of the topics they will cover:

  • Key principles for extracting the most business value from data.
  • Overcoming the chronic shortage of skilled data scientists and analysts.
  • Data performance and management overheads: how to scale without hitting a wall.

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