Tune in this month to find out how equipment makers will bring the cloud down to Earth

In-house and public – make the best of both worlds with the help of Avnet EMEA

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Webcast Public, private, hybrid, multi... how do you build a full-stack cloud solution that takes advantage of all available resources?

As equipment manufacturers know, businesses in all sectors, from healthcare and transportation to security and communications, are anticipating a software-defined and cloudy future. They can see incredible opportunities to boost innovation, improve customer experiences, deliver business value, and reduce costs. What they don’t see is a one-size fits-all option when it comes to deployment.

Instead of asking themselves how to migrate to the cloud, many organisations are discovering that they also need to bring the clouds to the business. The modern approach is all about embracing cloud as an architecture for both in-house and publicly hosted systems and services.

The question is what do you run where? How do you deal with the constraints of compliance, costs, connectivity, and control?

In this webcast, The Register speaks to Brian Stack, data centre business unit leader at electronic component and embedded solutions distributor Avnet EMEA, to learn how to define a multi-cloud strategy that makes the best use of in-house data centres and public services.

The webcast will cover:

  • The opportunity for OEMs: what they are aiming to do, and what are the challenges they face?
  • Defining a plan for reviewing current applications and services
  • Laying out a road map for turning to cloud-based solutions wherever they are hosted
  • Lessons, tips, and tricks

Whether you feel you’re still stumbling in the dark, or are just starting out on your cloud journey and need a bright light to guide you, tune in at 1pm BST on 17 October.

Register for the webcast, brought to you by Avnet EMEA, right here.


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