Watch live today: How to make your voice heard – and keep your staff safe from hackers

From thwarting phishing to boosting infosec awareness, we've got it covered

Webcast Security professionals like you have a tough job.

You can bang on about risks, threats, cyber-attacks, and other scary stuff, explain the ins and outs of compliance, issue dire warnings to colleagues about what may happen if they don’t do the right thing... and they remain supremely unperturbed.

And all the time you know precisely who will be carrying the can when things go wrong. If you want to know what you can do to ease your frustration, and make yourself heard, the answer is at hand.

In today's webcastLions and Tigers and Hackers, Oh My! – you will hear security blogger Graham Cluley, Robert O’Brien, CEO of cybersecurity software developer MetaCompliance, and The Reg’s own Jon Collins share expert advice that will help you sharpen your ability to cut through the knotty tangle of intransigence and avoidance.

As well as covering the usual security topics, such as passwords, phishing, and the like, the discussion will reveal a useful set of techniques, tricks, and tips that can drive security awareness into the minds of the users you need to convince.

If you want the power to enable the best possible security practices, tune in to this live webcast, brought to you by MetaCompliance, today.

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