Just dying to get into neural networks? Need a start in deep learning? We can workshop it out

Join us at MCubed and dive deep into practical, hands-on knowledge

Event It’s great to see hear about the possibilities of machine learning, and AI, but to really understand their potential, nothing beats getting your hands dirty under the watchful eye of a bona fide expert.

That’s why if you're serious about exploiting the power of machine learning and AI withinyour organisation, you should really check out our workshop lineup at MCubed 2019. We’ve got four cracking sessions this year, all running on October 2.

Prof Mark Whitehorn and Kate Kilgour will take you through the nuts and bolts of developing Neural Networks - starting with Excel no less, through a variety of architectures through to the Generative Adversarial Networks behind Deep Fake -style videos.

If you’re contemplating a mountain of text-based data and wondering how to make sense of it, dig in to Christian Winkler’s all day session on text mining. Christian will take you through a variety of methodologies and show you how to choose the best one for the job in hand.

MCubed veteran Oliver Zeigermann returns to host a workshop on Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2. This will introduce a variety of Neural Network architectures, and show you how to use TensorFlow 2 and Python to put them to work.

And if you want to bring the power of the cloud, containers and DevOps to bear on machine learning, you’ll want to check out Terry McCann’s session on Machine Learning – from model to production using the cloud, containers and DevOps

This will all be taking place at the QE II Conference Center, in London, England, from October 2, and we'll make sure you’re well supplied throughout the day. But they are filling up fast, so to bag your spot, head over to the MCubed website now, and we’ll see you in September. ®

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